The biggest dilemma for any CS, IS or IT student lies in choosing the right project. And it is true that your final project plays an important role in your career. It is not your grades (marks) that count at end but how much technical knowledge you gain with that project. In addition to that your recruitment interview will be based on what kind of project you have worked on.

Why you are assigned with project?

Most of us miss the key idea behind the project being assigned to students. To keep it simple, it is the task where in all your past practical and theoretical knowledge is clubbed to put in practice. Wondering how to put your stuffs in practice? Here are few guidelines to make the best decision of you.

Your choice depends on constraint that whether you are doing it for grading or for career.

For grading purpose:

If so, you can choose any project which you feel comfortable in explaining the stuffs to your teachers. There are many websites where you can download free working projects. You can download and work on it.

For career/job purpose:

If you think, your project should fetch you job and create a mark for yourself. Then you need to work either on Web, Mobile and Cloud Computing. In current technological frontiers these three things are ruling the IT. Web, Mobile and Cloud Computing. It is quite wise decision to do project which focuses development on any of these three zones.

  1. In Web, you can focus on technologies like HTML5, CSS and JS (Java Script),Bootstrap, material design, Node.js and PHP. You can use tweak existing frameworks based on these to reduce your burden to build from scratch. You can also make it beautiful by using API and Cloud integration in to these applications.
  2. In Mobile, you can develop mobile applications to Andriod, Windows, Web OS, iOS, Ubuntu and other upcoming mobile OS. Here another wise decision is to focus on Cross Platform mobile application development rather than focusing on only one Mobile OS. You can read more about Cross Platform Mobile Application Development here
  3. In Cloud, you can deploy, develop and experiment on any of Cloud platforms. You can develop any SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) application. It is very obvious that to design front End of the Cloud we need Web, discussed above. If you want to work at server level then you can architect a private, public or hybrid cloud. I suggest you to go through my presentation on Cloud Development and Career Path below. (Or Click here to view it in new window)

It is very wise to use Open Source technologies for all the above implementation ideas. Also using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse will add an advantage as it one of Industry standard for development.

Now, you may wonder how to get assistance on these? Give us a call on 974-086-1099 or mail [email protected] . We are obliged to help you out. Even we’ll let you know if you could be our intern.