planning-21-512Getting Started:

Learn all the basics about Project.

Platform and App Architecture:

Learn the best practices of app architecture.

User Interface and Design:

Learn how to build a beautiful user experience in your app.

Application Logic:

Learn how to implement logic for each action. Generate Class Diagrams to get things simplified.


In this section you will find everything related to our tooling, including debugging, running your app in device, using simulator etc.

Utilizing Device Capabilities:

Learn how to use Device capabilities

Working with Data:

Learn how to access RESTful APIs, cache data, use local storage, and more.


Learn how to distribute your apps to the App Stores and how to build ad-hoc builds.

Project Configuration:

Learn how to manage permissions, assets and other aspects of your project.


Now its time to put all of above in readable format. Its quite necessary to be precise and well-ordered. Our pleasure to help you regarding this.