BUG TESTINGHere are few instances where Software bugs can make world upside down!

  • F-16 autopilot flipped plane upside down whenever it crossed the equator.
  • Air New Zealand crash in Antartica when computer data error detected but crew was not informed.
  • Computer bug showed ghost train near Embarcadero station on San Francisco Muni.
  • Software bug caused F14 to fly off the end of an aircraft carrier into the North Sea.
  • F18 computer opened missile retention clamp, fired missile and re-closed clamp before missile had had enough time to move away from aircraft.
  • San Francisco BART doors opened while train was at full speed; control system’s inter-station delay time was too short for TransBay Tunnel.
  • United Airlines 767 iced up because fuel-saving computer was over-efficient, causing engines to cool down too much on approach to Denver.
  • Mariner 1 launch failed due to period instead of comma in FORTRAN program DO statement (famously know to – The most expensive hyphen).
  • Computer error caused US naval vessel to open fire 180 degrees off target, in the direction of Mexican merchant ship.
  • Gemini V splashed down 100 miles off target when program used 360 degrees for Earth’s rotation in 1 day, i.e. ignoring its movement around the Sun.
  • Vancouver Stock Exchange Index rose by 50% when 2 years of round-off errors in computer program were corrected.
  • Viking spacecraft had misaligned antenna due to faulty code patch.
  • F16 computer deadlocked, confusing left & right while plane was inverted.
  • 180 degree heading error caused Soviet test missile to aim for Hamburg instead of the Arctic.
  • Autopilot error caused China Airlines 747 to stall near San Francisco.
  • Robot killed Japanese auto worker attempting to repair another robot.
  • AT&T software bug knocked out all long-distance phone service to Greece.
  • Shuttle laser experiment failed because computer data was in nautical miles instead of feet.
  • Woman killed daughter & tried suicide after computer incorrectly diagnosed incurable disease.
  • Computer error caused nuclear reactor in Florida to overheat.
  • KAL flight 007 strayed, shot down due to heading being mistyped into autopilot.
  • The British destroyer H.M.S. Sheffield was sunk in the Falkland Islands war. According to one report, the ship’s radar warning systems were programmed to identify the Exocet missile as “friendly” because the British arsenal includes the Exocet’s homing device and allowed the missile to reach its target, namely the Sheffield.
  • The Mars Climate Orbiter doesn’t orbit
  • The Ping of Death. A lack of sanity checks and error handling in the IP fragmentation reassembly code makes it possible to crash a wide variety of operating systems by sending a malformed “ping” packet from anywhere on the internet. Most obviously affected are computers running Windows, which lock up and display the so-called “blue screen of death” when they receive these packets. But the attack also affects many Macintosh and Unix systems as well.
  • Morris Worm –  The first internet worm  infects between 2,000 and 6,000 computers in less than a day by taking advantage of a buffer overflow.
  • Mariner 18 lost due to missing NOT in program.
  • Department store anti-theft microwave device reprogrammed heart pacemaker, killing its user.
  • Autopilot error caused China Airlines 747 to stall near San Francisco.

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