The best way to learn something is to pull up your sleeves and start doing it.

INWHIZZ workshopsProgress is a visible proof that man never stopped learning and invading new intellectual boundaries. Intuitive ideas have revolutionized the world and left their impact on every single thing we see around us. INWHIZZ workshops are a perfect confluence of such ideas and the opportunity to get a taste of what’s new hands-on.

Here, ideas turn into reality and fantasies become actuality. The workshops act as a platform for students to learn the craft from some of the most seasoned experts in the field. And these workshops are intended at bridging the gap between students and technology by giving an opportunity to work hands-on with sophisticated technology . They span a variety of domains such as Cloud Computing, Web Design, Mobile Apps Development and have been designed to cater to students from every sphere of learning. If you’ve got the inquisitiveness to explore new ideas and the passion to design and create, then INWHIZZ workshops are right up your alley.

  • INVIO-INWHIZZ Visual Input Output:

    -Workshop focuses on learning the computer theoretical concepts in a practical way with live demonstrations.

  • Cloud Computing

    -Learn how Cloud Computing in creating waves in IT and and why  it matters to you and much more.

  • Cloud for Business and Management

    -Learn how Cloud can bring change to your Business and elevate you to hassle free Management.

  • Big Data

    -Explore how Big is Big Data. How to fetch, process and visualize Big Data for better business decisions.

  • IoT- Internet of Things

    -Every ‘thing’ is connected! Know how IoT can change the course of internet and computer science along with sensors.

  • Web Design and Development

    -Web is the standard for all your devices. Time to learn its ground rules and embrace new technologies in it.

  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development

    -Learn how to develop an App for all mobile devices the Cloud way!

  • Cloud Hosting for your Apps

    -Implemented an idea? Now its time to learn to push push your App into Cloud and relax.

  • Virtualization, the Cloud Enabler

    -Learn how virtualization helps to form Cloud. This workshop also teaches how to do virtualization.

  • OpenTech: Embracing Open Source Technologies

    -Explore the awesomeness of open source technologies and  use them in to your projects to create awesome things.

  • Soft Skills (5V)

    -Be a rock-star in your field with our innovative 5V model.

  • Digital Literacy

    -How to be digitally literate and use the tools like Evernote, Google keep and Google Calendar for productivity.

  • Women and Web

    -Awareness Program for Women against threats of Internet and safety measures against online predators.

  • Time Management

    -This workshop focuses on working smarter to enhance productivity within 24 hours you have.

  • Life Management

    -Learn how to embrace the beauty of Life and to create bucket list of awesome things to do in Life

  • Building Online Reputation Capital

    -Online reputation plays a huge role in ones career. A good reputation capital can fetch you job even without applying.

  • Spiritual Science

    -an initiative to spread the ethics, values and wisdom of rituals performed by ancestors to current young generation.

Please Note: Two or more workshops can be combined and customized as per your needs.

Certificate of Participation for above workshops are also provided upon request